Futureview.app Empowers You For Wealth, Love, and Power, and Health

How To Change Your Life Like Walking Into An Alternate Universe
You know people who are lazy but rich; ugly but married to a fashion model; stupid but powerful. What's worse is that you work harder, are better looking, and smarter but they are much richer, happier, and powerful. What's going on here?

Futureview.app will give you the sublime advantages they have. 

If you ask billionaires the secret of success, they will tell you it's all timing. But then, other billionaires will say it's location, location, location. Still others will say, it's not what you know but who you know.

So which is it? Truth is, quantum leap alternate universe level success requires all three.

You have to be at the right place at the right time with the right connections.

Billionaires were simply at the right place at the right time with the right connections. Basically, while they may have worked hard, they got lucky. For you to get lucky too, futureview.app tells you

A. When you will have peak harmonic power (intelligence, charisma, power)
B. Where you need to go for supercharging the ambient harmonic power that comes and goes in waves.
C. Who you need to be with to exponentially multiply your success/love/health/power.

How Predicting the Future and Your Soulmate Works
Everything in the universe is made of energy. This is a known fact. But scientists also know what all energy flows in waves. Waves have amplitude and frequency. By the basic nature of wave forms, some waves are harmonic to each other and other waves are discordant or dissonant. This is why some sounds sound beautiful together but other sounds are shrill and can even break wine glasses. Take this one step further and you can even have two totally opposing mirrored waves that totally destroy each other. This is how noise cancelling head phones work.

Your life, personality, loves, etc work exactly the same way. Remember, everything is energy. The moments you were conceived and born, you were imprinted, no, built by the energy waves that were flowing through you. And just like a piano string that keeps vibrating long after the key has been struck, you keep vibrating at that same frequency or set of frequencies.

So by capturing the frequencies of the energies you were born with, futureview.app can tell you when you will find love, get sick, be rich, get betrayed, and more. This is knowable. This is as knowable as if A sharp will sound good with D minor. The rules of wave harmonics applies to all waves -- sound waves as well as gamma waves, x-rays, ultraviolet waves, infra red waves and gravity waves (yes, scientists recently discovered that gravity comes in waves too).

Something else most people don't know is that where you were born directly impacts how your dna is built because every location on earth has a different gravity wave intensity. So even if you were born at the same time, you've be a different person depending on where you were born. Here's NASA's gravity map:

Everything is energy and all energy is a wave and you are riding those waves. The beauty of wave forms is that they are totally predictable because they are constant. This means that the patterns in your life are totally predictable too. When you will get rich is predictable. When you will find love is predictable. When you will get sick is predictable. 

That's not the best part. The best part is that anything predictable can be controlled -- manipulated.

The predictable part, by ancient philosophers, is called your fate. The manipulation of your fate is called alchemy.

This is not superstitious astrology
5,500 years ago, when buddha or god or an alien or the Yellow Emperor of Ancient China invented astrology, it was based on the physical locations of the stars. Since then, the stars have all shifted positions. So all the ancient texts and calculations for any astrological system including the Vedic, Greek, and Egyptian horoscope are inaccurate now. Futureview.app fixed that. 

We downloaded NASA's entire database of all the stars, planets, and earth's positions, angles, orbits, and more. Then, like a wind up wrist watch, we recalibrated the 5,500 year old horoscope system used by emperors.

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